Automating amenity services & vendor management

Increasing staff capacity by automating vendor and amenity services



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We created guided workflows for frontline building managers who frequently get bogged down by documentation tasks like vendor management and bookings of building amenities. We built a seamless AI-powered system for storing, retrieving and populating building documents - combined with one-click approvals, the solution directly increased staff FTE capacity by 15% across the client portfolio. We also integrated secure digital payments to handle deposits, billing and refunds.


The client was a Strata (Condo) management company which managed mainly high density multifamily buildings. Frontline Condo/HOA managers spend too much time on repetitive and highly manual documentation tasks like building forms, vendor management etc. Traditional building technology systems lack the ability to build highly configurable automated workflow pipelines. It's becoming ubiquitous in other industries, Condo managers can leverage scalable automations to save valuable time and effort.

Approach & Solution

We conducted a thorough mapping exercise on all main document workflows and found amenity bookings and vendor requests as ideal areas to build automated fully digital workflows. We then built an easy ChatGPT like self serve interface which let residents easily schedule amenities or request services, while also giving managers real-time updates and notifications.


This workflow automation solution directly saved up to 6 hours (15%) per week per FTE (Staff) and created a seamless interface for both residents and vendors. The managers were able to monitor all requests in real time, process one-click approvals and even generate custom building reports. An intelligent and seamless way to route and triage document requests can fast become industry standard across the condo management sector.

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